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Calculate the Numbers

Calculate the Numbers

In the books of Daniel and The Revelation we have numbers given which enable us to calculate the exact time when Antichrist will attack Israel. It's not exactly in the middle of the seven years, but nearly so. From these numbers we can calculate the time when Antichrist will enter Jerusalem with his armies, and how soon he will attack the Jews after entering the city. We are also given numbers which indicate how long his army will remain in Israel. See Appendix 245, page 505.

When Antichrist turns on the Jews, his first will be to blow up the altar of sacrifice located in front of their Temple. The Hebrew text is clear on this in Daniel 8:11-14. It is possible that he will use dynamite or something similar to blow the altar out of the way. Then he will replace it with his own image, and order that it will be worshiped.


Christ spoke of this time when He warned, When you see [by television?] the abominable thing that has caused so much devastation, standing now in the Temple area, (in other words, when that despicable thing, that idol, is standing where the altar should be), then, flee out of Jerusalem as fast as you can go. See Matthew 24:15-28.

In Zechariah 14 God says, Flee thru the valley of the mountains, because here's what will happen: When Antichrist sets up his image in the Temple area, Christ Himself will make a move to fight for Israel. He will literally descend from Heaven, His feet just touching the top of the Mount of Olives. The instant He does so the mountain will split down the middle, making two mountains and a valley thru which the Jews can escape.

The Lord instructs those living in Jerusalem, "When you see that abominable thing standing where it should not be, flee thru the valley of the mountains. Get out of Jerusalem as fast as you can go." And He provides the way of escape. To those in other parts of Israel He says, "Flee to the mountains."

There will be need for immediate flight. In fact, the Lord instructs the Jews not to take time even to go to some other part of the house to rescue valuables. And those in the fields are not to return to the house before leaving. This of course would include those working elsewhere. All are to flee into the mountains or thru the new valley immediately. It will be absolutely necessary for each family member living in Israel at the time of these events to understand all of the instructions well.

Only those who pay strict and immediate heed to this warning will escape, because immediately after Antichrist desecrates the Temple he will turn on the Jews and slaughter them. He will direct his armies against them all over Israel.

In mad pursuit of the Jews, Antichrist will send part of his armies thru the new valley in the Mount of Olives in an attempt to overtake those who are escaping. When a large portion of his forces are in that valley, the Lord will close up the mountain and bury them (Revelation 12:13-17), just as he buried the armies of Pharaoh of Egypt in the Red Sea. Exodus 14:1-31.

Losing his armies in the Mount of Olives will so enrage the Antichrist that he will turn on all remaining Jews who believe in Christ, and slay them. In fact, so great will be his wrath that two-thirds of all Jews in Israel will be killed. While a great part of Antichrist's army will perish in the Mount of Olives, he will undoubtedly have thousands left in Jerusalem and in other parts of Israel to do his evil work.

While two-thirds of the Jews will be killed, of the other one-third, some will escape, and many will be taken into slavery. Those enslaved will be taken to Babylon, Egypt, and elsewhere. God instructs the Jews that as they are being driven out of Israel (evidently on foot, to be herded as slaves to Babylon), they are to put up markers along the way to enable them to return. Jeremiah 31:21. Such instructions couldn't possibly have applied to the 70-year exile of Israel in Babylon in the 6th century B.C. Any signs so placed would have deteriorated in that period. This future enslavement of the Jews will last only 3 1/2 years, after which they will be liberated--by the Lord.

Great tribulation will be the lot of the Jews (Jeremiah 30:6-7) and of every true Christian at this time. Daniel 7:20-22,25; Revelation 13:7. Antichrist will pour vengeance upon God's people everywhere. Even within the nations in which he wields no power, many will no doubt worship him and obey his instructions.

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